Curriculum & Content

a. Access to a repository of ready to use content and resources, supported by our Route Toward Mastery System (RTMS).

b. Visual Tools are integrated into the RTMS for building higher order thinking-based content knowledge. These tools along with a focus on dispositions for learning (Habits of Mind) are used by students for uniting critical, analytic and creative thinking within a social emotional framework.


Academic Support

a. Learners can get individualized and personalized support through online
tutoring, homework help sessions and drop-in support. Individual and
group setting offerings are also available

b. Specialized tutoring is available for immediate, real time support for students who need additional scaffolding for efficient and effective learning


Career & College Readiness Programs & Pathways

a. Readiness for postsecondary success through mentoring, coaching,

b. Providing knowledge, skills and dispositions, needed to succeed in
educational and career pursuits

How It Works

Using our advanced Visual Tools model, student have the
practical strategies to comprehend, complete lessons while
improving reading and writing pre-K -12

The Edjuncture process engages students in the complete cycle of learning, from assessment to easily accessible,
targeted lessons, with a Visual Tools model for documenting and assessing performance changes


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