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What leaders have to say about TML

Dr. Charles Dedrick
Executive Director, New York State Council of School Superintendents

“We are excited to partner with Edjuncture and its founder Harry Aurora who is widely recognized as an Edtech leader. Our newest partnership with Edjuncture is Thinking Maps Leaders which is an invaluable service to help facilitate solutions to the issues facing our districts today.”

Dr. Donna DeSiato
Superintendent of Schools, East Syracuse Minoa Central School District, New York

Through the Thinking Maps Leader (TML) process you are not just building capacity in the individual people, you are building capacity in the system. TML is a way of thinking and a tool that engages people in solving a problem now and in the future.

Dr. Lorna Lewis
Superintendent of Schools, Malverne Union Free School Distric, New York

An effective tool for streamlining conversations district-wide and strengthening strategic planning to yield greater results for students.

Lawrence Bo Wright
Superintendent of Schools, Geneva City School District

“Thinking Maps Leaders enable teams to think through ideas using methods that focus on creative and critical problem solving . Sessions engage teams in processes which help them find solutions to complex organizational and academic issues.”


How do we best address the post-COVID Challenge?

It is about consciously and continuously supporting an equity mindset for all participants in the education
to critically and creatively thrive in online learning at home and in the classroom, while confidently
and actively learning content. 

The missing link at this critical juncture is the continuous development of advanced thinking processes
for independent control over the everyday overloaded social media landscape.


For Leading

Education leaders need practical, critical thinking and analytic solutions and tools for organizational success.

For Educating

Teachers need tangible critical thinking tools to engage all learners in accessing high quality content and promoting higher order and critical thinking.

For Learning

Learners need ongoing real-time, virtual support for critically thinking through content and concepts, while developing independent thinking skills.


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Homework Help


Tutoring Support


Route To Mastery System


Professional Development


Leadership Coaching





Leadership teams at the District, School Based, and classroom based-PLC levels are challenged to problem-solve collaboratively, efficiently and effectively at this turning point educational juncture in our time. We need to get it right. EdJuncture recognizes that everyone, everyday, faces dynamic problems with multiple ripple effects. At this juncture are our Leading-Educating-Learning processes and products that addresses this need. Our solutions are designed based on the needs of the education leaders of districts. EdJuncture arms whole school faculties and staff with resources, tools and strategies that will help them make the most effective use of their time with students and support them in preparing these students for long term success.

Shaping an adaptive vision of academic success for all students
Creating a dynamic and engaging “thinking” mindset for using Advanced Thinking Processes
Cultivating development in others with tools for collaborative coaching
Managing people, data and processes to foster school improvement


Teachers are challenged to help students become critical thinkers. EdJuncture’s CrossRoads ContentTM navigation system offers refined searches of high-quality lessons that are activated by advanced thinking process tools. This curated platform searches for targeted, grade level appropriate critical thinking lessons (using A.I. as a complementary support technology) and can immediately assign students the activities and assessments across grade levels and content areas that will help guide them toward higher order thinking. We arm teachers with:

CrossRoads ContentTM activated by advanced thinking process tools
Professional Development & Workshops in higher order thinking and critical analysis
Professional Learning Community (PLC) training framed by social-emotional learning to ensure relevant and meaningful support for all communities of learners.
Professional Learning Community (PLC) training framed by social-emotional learning to ensure relevant and meaningful support for all communities of learners.


Our learner- centered critical thinking solution- Thinking PointsTM -is the advanced thinking processes model for learners based on visual-verbal-spatial learning and cognitive process development. Only EdJuncture has access to this new model, drawn from over 30 years of classroom-based work and research. Students-in cooperative in-person classrooms and in independent virtual spaces- take control of their own content learning by applying higher order and critical thinking tools, analytical problem solving, and visible collaborative strategies. Online tutoring is also immediately available so that teachers and students have expert support when district personnel are not available on site to guide students to success. Our strategies include:

Tools for seeing, building, and learning content patterns with higher order thinking-based content lessons, Integrating critical, analytic and creative thinking within a social emotional framework
Specialized tutoring is available for immediate, real time support for students who need additional scaffolding for efficient and effective learning
Early preparation for problem-solving required for College & Career Readiness
Route Toward Mastery (RTM)
How It Works

Edjuncture is your partner for
Leading, Educating & Learning

Our Route Toward Mastery (RTM) for learners is a GPS for learning. It accurately locates the learner’s knowledge, skills, and
mindsets and then constructs a personalized path to reach their learning goals.

Each step of the way, the RTM provides GPS-like guidance using Advanced Thinking Processes for Math, Science, ELA and ESL/ENL.

First, Learners are able to do more independent, meaningful work, enabling the teacher to spend less time explaining terms and concepts.

SecondEducators in classrooms and grade/content area PLCs may quickly assess students’ patterns of thinking about content, thus enabling more effective, focused instruction.

Third,  Leaders, over time,  are able to facilitate formal assessment as student collected samples of applications in a portfolio that provide teachers with an effective, time-saving way to review individual growth and group progress. Possibly the greatest area of time saving is in this area of assessment. Thinking Points provide teachers with a picture of student thinking and the same display that students can use for self- assessment.