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Homebound Hub helps manage and deliver homebound instruction:

Homebound Hub supports your school with an all in one tool for homebound instruction.
Our on-demand educator resource pool bridges learning gaps and promotes equity and inclusion in classrooms.


Homebound Instruction that works for your students and teachers: win-win for your school

Our platform empowers your school to effectively utilize your own  teachers as well as state certified teachers provided by edjuncture to bridge learning gap and promote positive academic outcomes, leaving no student behind with school budgets in mind.

Homebound co-ordinators find great use of reporting and overall accountability with the edjunctures Homebound Hub features.


Online Platform

Online Platform provided under Homebound Hub connects teachers, students and parents in one in place and empowers the learning environment with a result oriented homebound instruction and transparent real time reporting.


Your Own Teachers

Personalized logins for educators registered through the homebound hub platform, allows access to create schedule and capability to store, share and view content enjoy the ability to take classes at any location with Wifi.



Edjuncture’s access to a large pool of K-12 State Certified Educators who are specialists in content areas, including special education make it simple for schools to arrange classes.  Accountability through recorded classes and flexible scheduling is made available. Additionally, Students can access classes virtually anywhere with Wifi.

How can Homebound Hub help your school?

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Edjuncture is your partner for Leading, Educating & Learning

EdJunctures new model, drawn from over 30 years of classroom-based work and research. Students-in cooperative in-person classrooms and in independent virtual spaces- take control of their own content learning by applying higher order and critical thinking tools, analytical problem solving, and visible collaborative strategies. Online tutoring is available through your own school teachers as well as State Certified Educators provided by Edjuncture so that students have expert support when district personnel are not available on site to guide students to success. 

What sets Edjuncture's Homebound Hub apart?

An inclusive approach towards homebound instruction with certified educators paired with transparent data reporting and accountability. 

Class and student rostering made easy

The Homebound Hub platform is integrated with Clever, Classlink and Google for ease of  student and class rostering

State Certified Educators Available

Our database of state certified educators fill-in the gap whenever and wherever your school teachers are unavailable. For this reason schools base on us for the entire academic year as well as for their short term homebound students. 

Platform based Communication

All stakeholders have the option to communicate within the platform . All such interactions are secure and bring in great collaboration for excellent academic outcomes. 

24/7 support

Edjuncture provides 24/7 support through the support channels and provides complete hand-holding through the onboarding process. 

State certified educators, support tools for teachers, successful students.

Homebound Hub offers a refined search of available teachers along with high-quality lessons that are activated by advanced thinking process tools. This curated platform searches for targeted, grade level appropriate lessons and can immediately assign students the activities and assessments across grade levels and content areas that will help guide them toward higher order thinking for the best positive academic outcomes.



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